About Us
Cork Ireland

SIXIS LTD is an international boutique Placement company, connecting high-added value consultants and companies worldwide. Human Capital is at the heart of our culture, and we take great pride in our work.

Since 2011, SIXIS LTD is building a portfolio of extremely competent people from various backgrounds, all of them having a common trait: Their unique expertise.

Located in Ireland, in the Cork region, we focus on Recruitment and Executive Search, Consultancy, Staffing and Career Solutions for professionals and companies in Europe.

Why Us?

Are you a skilled individual looking for your next challenge? Are you a company looking for the best and the brightest only?

We are committed to provide our consultants with thrilling and challenging opportunities, sharpening their skills and being well paid for that. We are reaching out to the best people in their domain, and our clients knows that. When asking for Sixis help, they know that the consultant chosen for a specific mission will never disappoint.

Our goal is ultimately to provide an efficient and quality based hiring process and place extremely talented people while making sure that our consultants will thrive during the mission.


Keys for Success
Key To Success

Sixis’s true essence of success is based on several keys.

We are paying extra attention to our clients and consultants, not only before the placement, but also during and after it, so we are always on top of the situation and we are sure that everyone involved is more than happy.

We of course make sure that we understand clearly what are your cultural and business values, and we pride ourselves with exceptional client and consultant satisfaction.

Obviously, we could not reach this success without a wide network of clients and consultants, a perfect knowledge of recruitment processes and a state of the art Interactive Database.


Recognizing the sensitive nature of Workforce Planning, we protect our client’s and candidate’s confidentiality throughout the placement process.